Seth Rollins Has Signed A New WWE Contract

By Joe Burgett
May 3, 2024
Seth Rollins - WrestleMania 40

Praise be to the WWE, as they have finally managed to re-sign “Crossfit Jesus” himself, Seth Rollins. Yes, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has signed a new contract to stay with the company after months of speculation. It was a major goal for Rollins to sign a new deal while he was taking time off to get some rest after having a massive year.

One could say, without question, that Seth Rollins was the MVP of WWE in 2023 and into 2024. The amount of things this man did, even while nursing several injuries, is the stuff of legend. In the end, he also acted unselfishly by making sure this WrestleMania was all about Cody Rhodes. He even sacrificed his own championship to ensure Cody won the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

Rollins has been dealing with a back injury for a long time and even had a meniscus issue that he was keeping quiet. However, in January he injured his MCL but opted against surgery and would do physical therapy instead. As of now, we’re not sure if Rollins will decide to attempt recovery through rest or go through with the surgeries to fix his knee. Both of which would require far less time to recover from compared to an ACL injury.

Either way, his banner year told us that his new WWE contract needed to be good. Actually, it did not need to just be good…it needed to be one of the largest deals for any talent in the company. It seems that WWE agreed.

Details On The New Deal For Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs The Miz - WrestleMania 34

While certain, specific details of Rollins’ deal are unknown…we do know a few things. According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Seth signed a multi-year deal with a “significant financial package.” Basically, they claim that WWE gave him a large pay raise, which makes a lot of sense.

Most other WWE Superstars who signed new deals with WWE recently saw a significant raise. Rollins was making really good money on his last contract. However, if WWE felt his worth back then was worth, let’s just say $1 million per year. He has now proven himself even more and has become an even bigger name. Not only that, the work he has done and the respect he has earned have only made him more valuable.

Therefore, if he made $1M per year, he’d now be worth double to triple that.

Rollins also signed his last contract well before WWE was sold off to Endeavor and before the TKO Group was on the American stock market. Endeavor, owners of the UFC, have been handling contracts a bit differently compared to the normal WWE style. That led to numerous people not having a new contract in place up to nearly the time their deal was going to expire. That was a huge issue WWE needed to correct.

WWE Is Fixing Their Recent Contract Issues

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins - Royal Rumble 2022

Several big names in WWE did not sign a new deal until right before their current contract was about to expire. We’re talking that some were just about to be free agents when this took place. Most of the time, WWE Superstars would start discussions on a new contract as much as a year before their current deal expired. It seemed odd, then, that when WWE was bought out, the contract issues were popping up.

A lot of this was due to some changes in various positions, which are commonplace when companies are purchased. All of this led WWE to put Dan Ventrelle in charge of Talent Relations. He had been working for WWE since 2022 and was considered a Triple H guy. However, most feel he was not cut out for the Head of Talent Relations, and it showed big time.

Reportedly, several WWE Superstars were not big fans of Ventrelle. All of this is probably why Dan was fired by WWE recently. Ever since he was cut, several big names in WWE have re-signed. This includes Drew McIntyre, who signed a multi-year deal and also saw a pay raise. Now, Seth Rollins has signed a new contract to stay with the company.

There are still some left to re-sign, including Seth’s wife, and the current WWE Women’s World Champion, Becky Lynch. Most feel she will be signing a new deal soon.

Both Chris Legentil & Matt Altman, in addition to their other roles in WWE, will be taking over in Talent Relations. Everyone will ultimately still report to Paul “Triple H” Levesque though. Contract talks have gotten a lot better for WWE since. However, WWE has since released several people. Most of which, to be fair, needed to be let go a long time ago.

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