New WWE Faction Is Coming, With Members That Fans Will Love

By Joe Burgett
May 7, 2024
Uncle Howdy

WWE is known for having some really interesting tag teams. However, they have also proven that they can make factions work too. Usually, the classic “WWE Faction” will include three or more members who would come off as similar. Sometimes, they come together because they have the same mission or ideology. For example, one can look at Judgment Day and see that most of the members made sense.

One could see this, eventually, with the New Day after they made everything work out for the group. D-Generation X in all its forms worked well for its time too. The Four Horsemen, Evolution, and so many other factions work well because of their similarities. Each member usually brings something else to the table that the others cannot, which makes them valuable to the group.

Sometimes, you can look at the members of a faction and know if they’ll work or hit rock bottom soon. That brings us to the subject of this article.

A new WWE Faction is coming and the members rumored to be part of it make a ton of sense. In fact, this faction is said to be behind the random flashing QR Codes you might see on WWE programming. Let’s talk about this new group!


Uncle Howdy & Bray Wyatt

This new WWE faction has been discussed for a very long time now. In fact, one could claim it has been in the works for the better part of two years. The initial idea was that it would be a faction that Bray Wyatt would lead. He brought his brother into everything he was starting up before he became ill and had to miss a lot of time, prior to passing away suddenly.

Bo Dallas (Bray’s brother), was the one who played Uncle Howdy. While technically Bray was under the mask when he returned to WWE after leaving for a spell, he’d never really wear that Uncle Howdy mask again. Instead, Howdy showed up alongside Bray. The goal was to extend their story together. Howdy would then eventually be revealed to be Bo Dallas. The company had kept this relatively quiet as we did not know Dallas was even under contract with WWE for a while.

Of course, once Bray got sick and missed a lot of time, it was revealed through news sites that Bo had signed. We’d then find out, officially, that he was playing Uncle Howdy on television. It was tough to know initially because Howdy was as big as Bray, and Bo was not the same size. However, padding does wonders.

The problem is that, with Bray Wyatt passing away, the plans he had for the larger story were now over.

Or…could they continue through Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy? That is what WWE seems to be doing here.


Uncle Howdy with Bobby Lashley

With Uncle Howdy leading this new faction, who will join him on this weird new adventure?

According to several news outlets, the plan is to have a relatively large faction. The members include Howdy himself, Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy, Erick Rowan, & Nikki Cross.

Each member fits perfectly into this faction. Of course, Bo Dallas as Howdy is an obviously good part of this. Joe Gacy has often been compared to Bray Wyatt. It’s said that he and Wyatt spoke off and on as Gacy was leading his group on NXT. Since the group ended, Gacy lost his mind and eventually he was off of NXT programming. Dexter Lumis makes sense as the quiet character has always had a darkness to him.

He’s a bit of a powerhouse but has proven he knows how to show up out of nowhere. This dude will capture, kidnap, and do whatever one asks of him. Having a guy like this who just needs someone to lead him is perfect. Erick Rowan was an original member of the Wyatt Family years ago. He was best friends with the late Luke Harper/Brodie Lee as well as Bray Wyatt. Having Rowan in this group is a great move, as it brings a bit of Wyatt himself into everything through Erick.

Finally, Nikki Cross was first really known through the Sanity faction. She was absolutely insane in the group, known for doing some of the craziest things one could ever think of. Cross eventually calmed down some. Recently, she was stuck looking into the valley of nothingness the last time we saw her regularly on WWE programming.

That said, everyone in this group has not been on TV for a while. Therefore, showing up in this group will be a fun surprise.


Uncle Howdy

As of right now, there has been a lot of speculation regarding when this new WWE Faction will be on television. Debuts need to be good for a new WWE faction, but there might be even more pressure to get this one right.. Due to WWE allowing the random QR Codes to appear for a while now, we can likely expect to see them soon. One would likely expect within the next few months.

We could likely see them by the SummerSlam PLE. The hold-up for sooner is mostly due to WWE deciding to have a lot of non-American PLEs this Summer. They just came back from France for Backlash. They will be headed to Saudi Arabia for the King & Queen of the Ring show. WWE will then head to Scotland for Clash at the Castle.

They’ll be back in America for the Money in the Bank PLE as well as Summerslam. With the Summerslam PLE being the second biggest show of the year for WWE, it’s more likely we’ll see them make their debut around this time. That puts the debut timeframe between late July and early August.

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