2024 WWE Predictions We Feel Will Come True

By michael
Jan 18, 2024

WWE had a banner year in 2023. The company had a lot of legitimate sellouts for Premium Live Events the entire year. They went international with PLEs in the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and Saudi Arabia. They were home to the top star in the business, Roman Reigns, whose centuries-long title reign continued. While 2023 was big, 2024 is sure to be a huge year too. Of course, we have several 2024 WWE predictions that we feel will come to pass this year.

So, what can we expect from 2024? As of this writing, it is being reported that Roman Reigns and The Rock will “potentially” wrestle at WrestleMania 40. WWE will perform globally with shows in Australia, Germany, and France. We’ll see the title reign of Roman and/or Gunther end in this calendar year too. We should also see the debut of Jade Cargill on the main roster. This could very well happen sooner rather than later.

What other 2024 WWE predictions do we have? Let’s discuss those below!

Rhea Ripley Will Hold The WWE Women’s World Championship Through 2024 

Rhea Ripley

Asuka has the longest-recognized WWE Women’s title reign in WWE history at 523 days when she held the NXT Women’s Championship. However, back then many considered WWE NXT to still be a developmental territory. Ignoring other NXT reigns, the best of this era belongs to Bianca Belair who held the RAW Women’s Championship for 420 days.

For one of our more understandable 2024 WWE predictions, we believe Rhea Ripley will surpass Belair’s modern-day record. Already at 275+ days and counting, that would mean Ripley will need to take it into early May for this to be a reality. Yet we don’t want to stop with just breaking the modern-day record for a main roster WWE Women’s Title reign.

We feel there needs to be an undisputed longest reign ever, so we also predict Rhea Ripley will hold the WWE Women’s World Championship through the entire 2024 calendar year.

Rhea is one of the most over superstars on the roster, but she hasn’t faced much competition to this point. Her match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39 was exceptional. Beyond that, her reign has been largely forgettable. That is 100% because they have put her up against women who did not make sense to defeat her.

Rhea hasn’t quite established herself as a dominant champion. WWE will spend 2024 trying to prove she is. She’ll hold the title all year as she faces challengers like Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baezler. Thereby proving herself to be a true world destroyer. 

This will set up bigger money matches in 2024 against either Bianca Belair or Jade Cargill. We know from the NXT days that Triple H loves to book a long-reigning women’s champion. Expect to see Rhea dominate the RAW brand in 2024. 

WWE Survivor Series: War Games 2024 Will Be RAW vs. SMACKDOWN 

WWE Survivor Series: War Games Poster

Bringing in Nick Aldis has already been a big win for the WWE Creative Team. Not only does he bring a ruthlessness that Adam Pearce’s character wasn’t designed for. It also creates a natural tension between the two brand managers for WWE. We have already seen the tense storylines made out of the Randy Orton and CM Punk signings. 

Aldis comes off as a shrewd businessman who doesn’t take Pearce seriously as an executive. Yet, we’ve seen Pearce make big moves and lay the hammer down when he needed to. 

One potential outcome would be to see these two GMs face off against each other. Both are talented in-ring performers, so it wouldn’t be a hard match to get to. There’s no money in that plus Pearce has been pretty much retired from the ring since coming to WWE.

Keeping with the two separate brands, we’ll see a creative push to a WAR GAMES match at WWE Survivor Series with brand supremacy at stake. The WWE has tried this concept of “RAW vs. Smackdown” only to fall flat. Some shows were better than others, but it always felt weird.

Wrestlers were often new to either brand right after the draft and had no brand allegiance. Thankfully, Triple H sees that you need some sort of rivalry to exist well before the event to make it matter. They’ll use these two GMs to set up a Survivor Series event with stakes.

Does the winning team get the Night #1 WrestleMania main event? Do they get to take 3 wrestlers of their choosing? Unclear how it will matter but it will feel different and the rivalry will be there for the first time. 

While one of our relatively bold 2024 WWE predictions, we feel it only makes sense.

Nick Aldis Will Wrestle In 2024 For WWE

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis isn’t some retired wrestler of the past. He was recently the NWA World Champion and a very good in-ring competitor. He’s still in great shape, and he’s proven himself to be a great talker in his limited screen time on Smackdown. This makes us wonder, why not have this General Manager find a way to get into the ring? 

He’s younger than a lot of the SmackDown locker room, honestly. He just turned 37 in November 2023, making him younger than Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, LA Knight, and even Roman Reigns.

We know we shot down the idea of doing Aldis vs. Pearce at Survivor Series, yet this is mostly due to Pearce. That doesn’t mean Aldis can’t get involved in some other show, some other way. Is he wrestling on Team SmackDown in the event? Does he take on a face as he gets further immersed in the “cold-hearted executive” role? The defiance of Roman Reigns and The Bloodline could put him in a match with the Tribal Chief.

We can’t tell you how it’s going to happen, but one of our 2024 WWE Predictions is that we will see Nick Aldis wrestle at some point this year.

In years past, GMs either couldn’t wrestle or were well past their prime. This made options limited to how far you could take a feud. Aldis is neither. Why not use the one quality he has that the general managers of the past didn’t have? It only makes sense.

Roman Reigns Will Lose the WWE Undisputed Universal Title In 2024

Roman Reigns

We’ve discussed in previous posts that WWE has a Roman Reigns problem. Holding on to the title just to pass wrestling legends of the past seems like a silly move. There’s no reason to break Hulk Hogan’s streak for the sake of breaking it, especially when it’s more of a win for WWE Creative than Roman now. Yet timing is everything.

With less than 10 title defenses a year, he’s not challenged. He could hold it to pass Bruno Sammartino by sitting at home for years, but what does this accomplish?

WWE loves the star power Reigns brings. However, having him hold the championship too long makes his eventual defeat meaningless. It’ll be met with “finally” rather than “Oh my God!” It’s time to pull the trigger, so he must lose this year. Could it be at WrestleMania? If he faces The Rock, then losing is unlikely. Solo Sikoa could get involved, causing a face turn for one of them, but that’s the only way Rock wins.

WrestleMania seems like a good time to do this, but could it be at SummerSlam or Survivor Series? It’d be best to do it at a U.S. event, at least. It has to be a marquee event, at least.

Could they set up Cody vs. Reigns part 2 and make us think that a part 3 at WrestleMania 41 is imminent? Then have Cody win it and see where it goes from there. 

We know that WWE Creative won’t take this decision for granted. There will be more than a few voices in the room. They have a golden opportunity to create a memorable moment and tell plenty of stories out of this. Therefore, one of our 2024 WWE Predictions is that Roman’s reign will end.

CM Punk Will Headline Night #1 Of WrestleMania 40

CM Punk - AEW Entrance

CM Punk said that he was coming to finish his own story for the main event, WrestleMania. That’s possible and probable this year. The WWE is already setting the stage for CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins, and it should have everyone hyped. 

Rollins has been talking about how he doesn’t like Punk and doesn’t want him in WWE. Punk hasn’t said a word. The patience by WWE not to rush this conversation is a sign to us that they will build this right into WrestleMania. Will Punk win the men’s Royal Rumble match? It seems like he’d be the heavy favorite at this point. Will Punk challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship? It also seems likely, especially if Roman Reigns is feuding with Rock or Cody at WrestleMania

To some people, it might feel a little quick to “finish the story.” It is the right call. Barring some groundswell of support elsewhere, this battle’s tailor-made to headline Night #1 of WrestleMania

For those who think that Rhodes gets cheated if Punk finishes his story first, think again. This isn’t a race between the two, as the goals are different. For Punk, his story with the WWE and WrestleMania is over 10 years in the making. He was close to the top spot time and time again but never reached the mountaintop.

Rhodes was in WWE around the same time Punk was but wasn’t close to the mountaintop at that top. This isn’t something he’s just missed. It’s something that wasn’t a possibility until he came back in 2022. Cody has more chapters to complete before this might feel like a culmination. 

That said, a big 2024 WWE Prediction for us is that CM Punk will headline Night #1 of WrestleMania.

Carmelo Hayes Will Be A Breakout Star On the Main Roster 

Carmelo Hayes

The NXT-to-main-roster call-ups are always a bit tricky. How fast can a person rise when the audience might not be familiar with their work on the third brand? We’ve seen people like Kevin Owens come up and make an impact pretty early. Others, like Sami Zayn, took a bit of time to find their footing. An injury in his first match on the main roster didn’t help matters either.

Carmelo Hayes feels different. 

He’s an electric talent the main roster fans will get behind. He’s also backed by two of the best minds in the wrestling business, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. 

Call-ups in the past weren’t positioned to connect with the main roster audience. Performers would come up and then find themselves with no direction. 

Triple H has taken a different approach. He’s featured NXT talent on RAW and Smackdown. He’s had main roster talent appear on NXT and get involved. Melo has done everything he can to get the audience familiar with the talent. When they jump brands, the audience is no longer surprised.

Carmelo Hayes has already danced with Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. They are two of the most high-profile stars in the company, and he’s fared well against both. These are the building blocks for a post-WrestleMania call-up and a permanent spot on either brand. 

A 2024 WWE prediction of ours is that Carmelo Hayes will be a breakout star this year, and even hold a championship. If he doesn’t win gold, he’ll be hot by the end of the year. WWE has proven you don’t need a championship to be a big-time player. Look for big things this year. 

Gunther Will Win The World Heavyweight Championship in 2024

Gunther - Intercontinental Championship

All good streaks must come to an end. Gunther has surpassed the Honky Tonk Man’s record for the longest WWE Intercontinental Championship in 2023. Now, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. 

Gunther did his part with the title. He’s made it super relevant and elevated stars in the process. He’s proven that he’s a top-level star and that we’ll believe whatever height he ascends to. Now it’s time for him to drop the title and move on to the next level. 

The top of the card on both shows feels a little crowded though. However, we still believe Gunther will find his way to the top. How he gets there is an entirely different conversation. Will he defeat Seth? Could he vanquish CM Punk? Does he defeat Judgement Day’s Damian Priest and make a massive face turn? We’re not quite sure. 

The streak for Gunther has to end sooner than later. There is obviously no reason to carry his title as long as The Tribal Chief has held his. The IC belt, more than any other championship, elevates the holder. It has done that for Gunther, and it has done that for his opponents. Yet at some point, it’s the law of diminishing returns. WWE is smart and will pull the trigger well before Gunther has worn out his welcome. 

This is why one of our big 2024 WWE predictions is that Gunther will drop the IC Title, and go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this year.

Dominik Mysterio Will Win The Intercontinental Title In 2024

Dominik Mysterio - North American Champion

Let us be clear: we don’t think Dominik Mysterio is going to win the title from Gunther. While that would be crazy, and the WWE Universe would love to hate it, this is just not happening. Gunther isn’t ready to be a face, and Dominik isn’t going to be the one to end his streak. 

Dominik showed how valuable he was in 2023.

He wrestled everyone, was able to get enormous heat, and was an essential part of one of the hottest factions of the year. Dominik ascended to a different level when he won the NXT North American Championship. His defeat of Wes Lee in front of the NXT crowd is what wrestling is all about. The absolute disgust that the crowd showed him was magical. He gets louder boos than anyone on the main roster (part of the is the gimmick, we realize). 

Can you imagine Dominik with the prestigious Intercontinental Title? If WWE does it right, they can tell a great story to get the title off of Gunther over someone beloved. Imagine Jey Uso taking the title off Gunther only to lose it weeks later at the hands of Dirty Dom. The WWE Universe would lose its mind. 

WWE knows they have a heat magnet in Dominik and if they continue to play it right he could soar to new heights in 2024. It makes sense to make one of our 2024 WWE predictions about Mysterio capturing the IC Title. Keep in mind, since he has already held a secondary title, winning the IC Title is not exactly shocking. The question is, could he still win matches to retain it if the Judgment Day isn’t at ringside helping him?

Sasha Banks Will Return To WWE In 2024

Sasha Banks at 2019 Royal Rumble

This might be wrong at print time, but let’s go with it anyway. Mercedes Mone has a lot to think about as she mulls offers from both WWE and AEW. She’s one of the best female wrestlers alive and a star to be certain. We must know, where does she take her talents? 

AEW is offering her a lot of money to wrestle for them. WWE has also probably made a healthy offer. What’s a girl to do?

WWE provides more to Banks than AEW does. That’s the current state of things now. The company has never been hotter. It’s traveling the world in 2024 and that feels like the beginning. 

They are also now linked to Endeavor, run by one of the most famous former agents in show business. We should also mention the President of WWE, Nick Khan, is also a former famous Hollywood agent. Sasha dreams of bright lights and big moves outside of the wrestling ring. WWE offers her the exposure to get noticed, but the connections to help make those dreams a reality. 

Sasha has already had success outside of WWE but that doesn’t mean a little help wouldn’t hurt. 

In the ring, either promotion would give top-level matches. WWE’s presentation of the women’s division is a bit more mature. Under Triple H and Shawn Michaels, the WWE is featuring women’s wrestling as an important part of the show. 

Sasha will have a lot to mull over in the coming weeks. Money, less travel, outside opportunities, etc. are all factors. However, we’re making it one of our 2024 WWE predictions that Banks will make her way back to WWE.

Montez Ford Will Get A Prominent Singles Push

Montez Ford

Montez Ford is a star. He’s one of the best young talents on an already-loaded roster. Currently, it feels like he’s a little stuck. His alliance with Bobby Lashley has sputtered instead of hummed along. The crowd is cheering instead of booing, and WWE Creative has only now started playing into that.

Something has to change. The Street Profits are an excellent tag team. If they aren’t going to rip up the tag team division, they need to break them apart and run in the singles division. 

Montez Ford is tailor-made for a single push for all the reasons we’ve laid out. With the right story, this is going to be a big year for him. A heel Montez Ford vs. LA Knight? A face Ford vs. Grayson Waller? There are money matchups up and down the card. This, of course, doesn’t even include the obvious Dawkins vs. Ford rivalry that could extend from a breakup. 

It’s simple, they need to move now or reset and have them run the tag division. We know that Triple H values the tag teams. They were constantly featured on NXT’s programming during his run as head creative there. 

Montez Ford is too great an athlete to waste walking around being the muscle Lashley doesn’t need. His singles run is going to come at some point. Why not start now?

We are happy to say one of our 2024 WWE predictions is that Ford will be getting a singles wrestling push. We truly can’t wait to see it. 


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